About Dr. Ivan Wall

Dr Ivan Wall obtained his honours degree in Anatomy from Cardiff University (www.cf.ac.uk) in 2000 before joining the Wound Healing Research Unit (www.whru.co.uk) based at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and affiliated to Cardiff University. He obtained a Master's degree (MPhil) in Cell Biology in 2003 and a doctorate (PhD) in Cell and Molecular Biology in 2006. His research evaluated the phenotypic responses, ageing profiles and genotypic characteristics of fibroblasts isolated from chronic wounds and patient-matched normal skin in an attempt to decipher the mechanics of non-healing wounds.

Following his PhD, Dr Wall commenced his post-doctoral training at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute (www.eastman.ucl.ac.uk) based at University College London (www.ucl.ac.uk), where he studied osteogenic induction of mesenchymal stem cell cultures. Since late 2007, he is working in conjunction with Dr Christiana Ruhrberg at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (awarded 5** in UK Research Assessment Exercise) researching developmental and therapeutic angiogenesis. Dr Wall's research interests are in developing therapeutic strategies for non-healing wounds, angiogenesis and stem cell cultures.