We are the largest cancer centre in Europe, treating more than 40,000 patients a year. We are also the first UK centre to be officially accredited as a comprehensive cancer centre.

As part of the NHS we provide:
  • Radiotherapy in one of the world's largest radiotherapy departments
  • Chemotherapy in the UK's largest chemotherapy unit, plus 14 other hospitals
  • Highly specialist surgery for complex and rare cancer
  • A wide range of support and diagnostic services
We are a national cancer specialist based in Manchester caring for 3.2 million people across Greater Manchester and Cheshire while 26% of our patients are referred to us from across the UK.

We have been delivering world-first breakthroughs for over 100 years. Milestones throughout the 20th century include
  • 1901 - use of X-rays for therapy
  • 1905 - use of radium for therapy
  • 1932 - development of the “Manchester Method” of radium treatment
  • 1944 - world’s first clinical trial of Stilboestrol a breast cancer drug
  • 1970 - world’s first clinical use of Tamoxifen a breast cancer drug
  • 1986 - world’s first use of cultured bone marrow for leukaemia treatment
  • 1991 - world’s first single harvest blood stem-cell transplant
  • 1996 - inventing photo-dynamic therapy for skin cancer
Our clinical trials unit has around 200 trials ongoing at any time, making it the largest early phase trials unit in the world.

We are part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre working with The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK. We are also one of seven partners in the Manchester Academic Health Sciences Research Centre.

For over 100 years The Christie has played a crucial role in the advancement of cancer treatment and care. We are one of Europe’s leading cancer centres but have always retained our treasured ‘family spirit’, with the patient being at the very heart of everything we do.

Further information: www.christie.nhs.uk

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