An Initiative by Medical Students of Cardiff and Bristol Universities

Trauma and conflicts are, unfortunately, on the rise globally. This one-day event is designed to provide medical students with an understanding of the essential principles of managing major trauma in both civilian and military settings. The day will consist of a series of interactive lectures from a variety of civilian and military personnel, and a number of trauma scenarios. The students will participate in trauma settings that will include simulated victims of road traffic accidents, house fires and bomb blasts (major burns), and large-scale disasters. They will be taught about the importance of triage, 'golden-hour', immediate life-saving and resuscitation principles, stabilization of patients, and the essential steps involved in transferring victims to appropriate hospitals.

Whether you are a budding army officer, air ambulance crew member, surgeon – civilian or military, or are just keen to learn more about trauma management, then this day is for you!

The event is FREE for medical students (all years and all medical schools) both in the UK and beyond. To participate, you have to be a medical student registered with an approved university. Please click here to register.

A £10 deposit will be necessary to secure your place and this will be returned along with your Certificate of Attendance on the day.

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