Date    :  21st May 2011

Venue :  Education and Research Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester


This intensive one-day OSCE revision course is specially tailored to assist year three medical students prepare for their exam in June 2011. Taught by clinicians, this course will provide students with focused revision of the most common OSCE scenarios tested in the exam. It will also aid the candidate’s ability to obtain a focused history, interpret relevant data, communicate effectively, and perform clinical examinations slickly and present the findings to the examiner in a systematic and concise manner. In addition, the candidates can use this course to consolidate their previously acquired knowledge, streamline the thought process and obtain essential exam-preparation tips from the clinicians.


The course, amongst others, will cover the following topics:
  • Focused history taking
  • Communication skills and giving information (in lay terms)
  • Ethical issues
  • Interpretation of urinalysis, ECG and ABG results
  • Examination of the abdomen
  • Examination of the respiratory system
  • Examination of the cardiovascular system
  • Examination of the peripheral vascular system
  • Examination of the thyroid and neck
  • PEFR measurement and use of a metered dose inhaler
  • Rectal examination (on mannequin)
  • Measuring blood pressure (Sphygmomanometry)

Course fee: £25

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