About Dr. Eva-Lisa Heinrichs

Dr Eva-Lisa Heinrichs qualified in medicine (1982) from Helsinki University, Finland,having also previously obtained a diploma in nursing from Helsinki School of Nursing. She has worked as a general practitioner and managed health technology assessment projects for the Finnish Hospital League, an organisation providing consulting services to the National Health Care System in Finland. In 1991, she joined ConvaTec,then the medical device division of Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the global leaders in modern wound therapeutics and ostomy devices, and in 1993 became its European Medical Director. In this position she was responsible for the development, implementation and completion of over 30 clinical studies on novel products and technologies related to non-healing wounds and wound care.

In 2003, Dr Heinrichs joined the Wound Healing Research Unit (WHRU) of Cardiff University, United Kingdom, a world renowned centre of excellence in tissue repair,as a medical doctor and Senior Clinical Research Fellow. In this role, sheundertook research qualitative research related to optimal service provision for patients with diabetic foot ulcers and conducted weekly specialist wound management clinics in four hospitals. In 2007, she was awarded a postgraduate doctorate MD degree by Cardiff University.

Between 2007 and 2012 she was responsible for global medical affairs forOrteq Ltd, a privately owned London-based orthobiologics company and from 2012 to 2015, for Tissue Therapies Ltd, an Australia-based publicly traded biotech company.Theseroles involveddevelopment and management of clinical research programs and publication plans; responsibility for patient safety and ensuringcompliance of all clinical programs with GCP and applicable regulations; and clinical training programs for staff and key opinion leaders.

She is presently an independent Medical Affairs consultant.

Dr Heinrichs has extensive clinical research programexperience, with particular focus on innovative new products development and research related to tissue repair and regeneration. She has co-authored publications in various international medical journals and books and has given invited lectures and delivered oral and poster presentationsin numerous international meetings and conferences.

DrHeinrichsis multilingual (English, Swedish, Finnish and French).