About Dr Susanne Kupitz

Dr. Susanne Kupitz graduated with honours in medicine in 2006 from Cardiff University, United Kingdom (www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine). During her university career she was distinguished by several prizes and awards. Within her short medical career, she has published papers in International medical journals and presented at National conferences in the United Kingdom. She is currently working as a junior doctor in the UK National Health Service (www.nhs.uk) in the West Midlands deanery. She intends to pursue postgraduate training in General Medicine, with a sub-specialist interest in tropical medicine.

As a medical student, Dr Kupitz was one of the principal founders of the Cardiff University International Healthcare Society, which was aimed at integrating medical students and encouraging knowledge transfer. From her early medical career she has maintained a keen interest in matters related to International health issues and her exposure to medical practice in India during her elective placements further strengthened this interest. Dr Kupitz is currently involved in developing mechanisms to promote International exchange and twinning programmes between medical students, and globalisation of medical knowledge and training.