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Date    : 15th October 2014

Venue : Education Centre (Department 17), The Christie, Manchester, M20 4BX

Aims / objectives of event:

Learning will be guided through involvement in real patient scenarios which will identify:
  • Acute problems caused directly by malignant disease.
  • Conditions caused by systemic anti-cancer treatments.
  • Adverse reactions from radiotherapy treatments.
These scenarios will firstly help delegates to understand how to recognise these conditions, as well as know the correct investigations needed to effectively assess a patient. Further to this, they will have an increased understanding of the management of these acute conditions in order to help provide greater advice and support to patients that present with these conditions in their clinical area.

Key themes

This study day will allow delegates:
  • A greater understanding of the role and responsibilities of acute oncology teams and services.
  • An opportunity to work through a range of acute oncology clinical presentations using real patient scenarios.
  • To increase their understanding and management of the acute effects of radiotherapy and systemic anti-cancer treatments.
  • Information signposting to practical guidelines, services and protocols.

Pre-course materials

Delegates will be asked to complete a set of pre-course materials prior to attendance at this event. These materials serve as an introduction to the background of the topics that will be discussed during the day.

Target audience

This study day is aimed at all members of the multidisciplinary team (including nurses, AHPs & junior doctors) who may be working in non-oncology settings; including A & E, medical assessment units and primary care.


Delegate fee: £40.00

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