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Date    : 23rd October 2014

Venue : Education Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Course Description:

This one day programme is designed to give greater insight into a person as a leader and decision maker, whilst enabling further understanding of what makes yourself and others tick.

The course uses two main tools for personal reflection. Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 which gives a greater depth of insight and information to those that have previously used Step 1, and TEIQ which measures aspects of personality and emotional intelligence.

Both of these tools are undertaken online before the session, with the results discussed in an open and supportive way in the course. Aspects of being a mindful leader are also covered to get the most out of coworkers with links into resilience and how to increase personal resilience in the work place further identified to aid management.

Topics Covered:
  • Myers Briggs Step 2 and the consequent deeper understanding of self, personality and of diversity.
  • Emotional Intelligence which helps participants to discover and explore their own emotions, emotional resilience and emotional lexicon.
  • Explore the concept of mindfulness and help participants to use mindfulness as a way to help them to make better, more informed decisions.
As the topics covered in this course are personal each is approached in a supportive and developmental manner that is still challenging, it is advised that participants that attend the workshop approach the course in the same manner.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course delegates will understand themselves in far greater depth. They will also have a far greater understanding of their own motivations, what motivates other and how to they can flex their own leadership style.

Course Fee:

Study Day Fee: £225.00

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