6th July 2015

Education Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Course description:

This two day intermediate-level course gives research nurses and other trials staff the knowledge and confidence to discuss the latest and most advanced targeted cancer treatments with their patients and colleagues. The course focuses on targeted treatments for solid tumours, but the information on day one is relevant to all cancer types. Throughout the two days, delegates are given the opportunity to digest and practise their new knowledge through a variety of practical exercises, question sheets and quizzes.

Topics Covered:

Day 1
  • Molecular basis of cancer.
  • The molecular processes that drive cancer growth, spread and metastasis.
  • Mechanisms of drug resistance.
  • The cellular makeup of cancer tissue and the role of tumour microenvironment.
Day 2
  • The current state of play of targeted cancer treatments.
  • Newer approaches to targeted treatments.
  • The evolution of clinical trial design.
  • Targeting over-active growth pathways - monoclonal antibodies and kinase inhibitors.

Targeted Audience:

This course is suitable for anyone with a reasonable grounding in biology or who has previously attended an 'Introduction to cancer' course. It presumes a level of familiarity with concepts such as DNA, genes, proteins, and the cell cycle, but a refresher is provided. It is suitable for oncology nurses and anyone involved in the delivery of clinical trials.

Course Fee:

NHS Fee: £200.00
Non-NHS: £400.00

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