2nd December 2015

Education Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Course description:

A group session led by the Clinical Skills Team to provide a theoretical insight into cannulation, as well as a practical simulation. This is intended to enable the practitioner to begin to safely practice cannulation whilst under supervision. A certificate of attendance, along with a workbook that incorporates a progress card will be provided to those attending.

Topics Covered and Learning Outcomes:
  • National Guidance.
  • Safety.
  • Aseptic non-touch technique.
  • Venous assessment and preservation.
  • Techniques and trouble shooting.
  • Visual Infusion Phlebitis score.
  • Practical classroom session using a mannequin arm.
  • Indications for cannulation.
  • Ability to assess and select a vein.
  • The skill to care for a cannula.
  • The ability to safely practice cannulation under supervision.

Targeted Audience:

Nurses, Radiographers, Assistant practitioners, Operating department practitioners and staff where the skill is deemed essential to the job they perform.

Course Fee:


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