Date: 25th February 2012

Venue: School of Biosciences, Cardiff University


Taught by practicing surgeons, this highly interactive event will feature focus-group workshops and individual demonstrations complemented by interactive lectures in surgical anatomy. The workshops will use imaginative artwork in identifying important surface anatomy landmarks and the underlying structures on live human models. Students will also be taught common surgical approaches, and more importantly, structures you will be asked in the operating theatre!

Surgical anatomy pertinent to the following specialties will be covered:
  1. Cardiothoracic Surgery
  2. General Surgery
  3. Head and Neck Surgery
  4. Orthopaedic Surgery
  5. Plastic Surgery
  6. Vascular Surgery

Places are limited to 24 and will be offered on a ‘first-come-first served’ basis.

The event is FREE for medical students (all years and all medical schools) both in the UK and beyond. To participate, you have to be a medical student registered with an approved university. Please click here to register.

A deposit of £10 will be required to guarantee your place; this will be refunded to you on the day.

To register and to secure your place, please complete your online registration and send your cheque to the address below with your full name written on the reverse of the cheque:

Address to send the cheque:

  Doctors Academy
  PO Box 4283
  CF14 8GN

What happens after I register and send the cheque:
  1. Online registration alone does not confirm your place. Your place is confirmed only on receipt of the cheque as deposit.
  2. Unless you register online we will not have your contact details and thus will not be able to contact you even if we receive your cheque. You may thus inadvertently fail to secure your place.
  3. If you are successful in securing a place, we will inform you by email soon and provide reporting instructions for the event.
  4. If your cheque is received after all the places have been taken up, your cheque will not be encashed and destroyed (shredded) immediately.
  5. If you have registered online and have send in your cheque, but haven’t heard from us within five days mean that you were unsuccessful on this occasion. (Your cheque will not be encashed and destroyed (shredded) immediately.)
  6. If you fail to attend the event after you have sent the cheque, you will forfeit the deposit.

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