12th December 2016

Education Centre (Dept 17), The Christie, Manchester, M20 4BX

Course description:

Providing delegates with insight into the clinical trials process at The Christie emphasising the importance of putting patients at the heart of everything we do

The day will address the patient journey from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up and how patients come to a decision to participate in clinical trials.

  • Introduction to the Christie R&D division and set up processes
  • Review of a patient pathway from symptoms to diagnosis
  • Understanding the process of patient treatment decision
  • Understanding the clinical trial process, from consent to follow up
  • The painless process to setting up clinical trials
  • Workshops demonstrating different requirements for trials (immunotherapy pathways, early phase trials & radiotherapy trials)
Target Audience:

Non-clinical scientists who work within the research industry sector who wish to build on their knowledge of the clinical trial process. Also suitable for industry clinical research associates and other research staff who run clinical trials from a sponsor perspective

Learning outcomes:

Participants will gain understanding of:
  • The Christie R&D department structure & processes
  • Gaining NHS permission
  • The patient journey.
  • The joint MDT and patient decision regarding clinical trial involvement.
  • The similarity and differences between the standard and research patient journey
  • The relationships between stakeholders (NHS and industry) and the importance of good partnerships for successful clinical trials
Key Themes:
  • Putting the patient at the heart of what we do
  • Ensuring engagement with industry resulting in swift set up processes
Learning style:

Lectures, discussion and workshops

Course fee:

£150 Full fee
£100 NHS & MCRC affiliates

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