19th October 2016

Education Centre (Dept 17), The Christie, Manchester, M20 4BX

Course description:

The day will provide an overview of the current treatment of breast cancer and discuss how clinical research provides the evidence underpinning current clinical practice and supports the development of future treatments.

  • Overview of breast cancer and the role of clinical trial in shaping practice
  • Surgical management of breast cancer
  • Making sense of breast pathology
  • Treatment decisions - can we predict benefit ( who gets what)
  • Overview of targeted treatment for HER2+, ER/PR +, triple negative breast cancer/BRCA.
  • Fertility issues for breast cancer patients.
  • Ovarian suppression
  • The role diet and exercise plays in breast cancer
Target Audience:

Research nurses, clinical nurse specialists, breast care nurses, chemotherapy/outpatient cancer nurses, community nurses, GPs, AHPs

Learning outcomes:

Participants will understand:
  • The current treatment of breast cancer (pathology, surgery, chemotherapy/targeted treatment and radiotherapy)
  • The importance clinical research has in developing future treatments.
  • The fertility issues women with breast cancer have and what we can do to help.
  • Diet and exercise when diagnosed with breast cancer.
Key Themes:

The integration of research into clinical practice and how it shapes future treatments.

Course fee:


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