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Date    :25th February 2016
               26th February 2016
               27th February 2016

Venue : Grand Excelsior Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai

Brief Description:

This course is suitable for candidates appearing for the Intercollegiate MRCS Part B (OSCE Exam) that is conducted by the three Royal College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom (England, Edinburgh and Glasgow) and separately by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. The course is structured to cover as many as 16 out of the 18 OSCE stations in the exam.

Applied Basic Sciences for MRCS Part B OSCE
Day 1 will provide the candidates with a sound understanding of applied surgical anatomy, surgical pathology, applied pharmacology and microbiology, and a good working knowledge of general physiological principles/critical care and their application to surgical practice. Due to the large number of topics that will be covered, the day will be intense and the candidates will be expected to have revised basic science topics within a month of attendance in this course. This day will cover 8 out of 18 OSCE stations in the exam covering the ‘Clinical Knowledge and Its Application’ component.

Clinical Examination for MRCS Part B/OSCE
Day 2 will consolidate the trainee's understanding of the clinical consultation skills component of the exam, and aid the trainee's ability to perform clinical examinations efficiently and present the findings to the examiner in a systematic yet concise manner. This day will cover approximately 4 out of 18 stations in the exam covering the ‘Clinical and Physical Examination’ component.

Communication Skills for MRCS Part B/OSCE
Day 3 will cover structured interviews, information giving, information gathering, breaking bad news and consenting for operations/procedures. Patient-centered clinical scenarios will be used to reflect the situations in everyday practice; these scenarios will also be in line with the scenarios commonly tested in the exam. There will be opportunity for every participant to engage in a number of role-play scenarios. This day will cover approximately 4 out of 18 stations in the exam covering the ‘Communication Skills’ component (that includes giving and receiving information; history taking).

Candidates attending this course will receive full access to MRCS Part B online educational resources from for a 4 month period. This resource contains a number of OSCE questions in anatomy, pathology and physiology for practice. It also contains information on clinical and procedural skills, and clinical examination. In addition, they will also receive full access to all presentations via a secure, online link. All these benefits and privileges are included within the course fee.

Total Course fee: £760.00

Day 1: £200.00, Day 2: £350.00, Day 3: £250.00

Closing Date : The registrations will close when all the places are taken up, and, as such, we are unable to provide a precise closing date.

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