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Date    : 26th November 2014

Venue : Education Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Course Description:

A two day interactive programme designed for people new to management, those looking to refresh management and leadership skills, or those looking to spend time considering how they currently manage and can improve how they get the most out of their staff. The course takes a dual focus on both internal self reflection and the external consideration of others.

Topics Covered:
  • Setting the context of NHS change and leadership issues.
  • Understanding your self and others through the lenses of MBTI and also Belbins Team Roles.
  • Understanding team and team effectiveness including group thinking.
  • Considering your own personal resilience.
  • Thinking about your own leadership style and the leadership style of others.
  • The human dimensions of change and resistance.
  • Coaching to achieve improvement and change.

Learning Outcomes:

The programme has two main areas of focus.
  • The internal focus is designed to help a person to understand themselves and their motivation. How they can manage stress and also change their own self-perception.
  • The external focus is around how a person can achieve better management in difficult and stressful situations. Engage with staff and retain their confidence to successfully lead a team. Along with help to consider change itself and the processes of change to allow consideration and thought on strategies to overcome resistance.

Course Fee:

Study Day Fee: £225.00

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