2nd June 2015

Education Centre (Dept 17), The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Course description:

This is an introduction to leadership management for first time supervisors or those getting ready to take on this kind of role. The day is participative and interactive and is designed for people to understand themselves, value difference and gain confidence about supervising/managing people.

Aims & Objectives:
  • To introduce participants to the key concepts about management and leadership.
  • To consider different styles and approaches to leadership.
  • To consider different styles of conflict and how to use them.

Topics Covered:
  • Leadership and management - different but the same? What skills do I need?
  • Leadership competencies - where am I and what do I need to develop?
  • Conflict and what is my dominant style - how helpful is this to me?
  • Introduction to service improvement - how can I do this?
Learning Outcomes:
  • To help people to think more widely about the subject of leadership.
  • To challenge and support people to help them to be better team leaders.
  • To gain people some 'tools' to help them improve their leadership & management skills.


Julian Bond
Senior Fellow in Innovation, Management and Policy Research
Manchester Business School

Targeted Audience:

People new to management or supervisory roles or those wanting to take on such a role in the near future. This is an interactive and participative program - we expect people to contribute to discussions and to share issues, views and problems.

Course Fee:


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