27th April 2015

Education Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Course description:

This event intends to use case studies to explore the patient's journey when diagnosed with a liver cancer. Participants will be exposed to the various dilemmas faced (from diagnosis onwards) by health care professionals involved in caring for this patient group.

Topics Covered and Learning Outcomes:
  • When to act? Understanding the role of the GP.
  • The complications associated with an emergency presentation.
  • Hepatology - risk factor.
  • Role of loco-regional therapy (RFA & TACE).
  • Role of surgery.
  • Therapy choices for advanced disease and the nurses role.
  • Clinical trials and the role of the trials nurse.
  • The patient experience (including supportive & palliative care).
Particpants will be able to
  • Describe risk factors that patients may have predisposing them to the development of liver cancers.
  • Describe presentation of patients with liver cancers.
  • Understand the importance of making sound diagnosis and staging.
  • Understanding what treatment options are available for individual patients.
  • Address the medical and nursing issues specific to liver cancer.
  • Gain understanding of the respective roles of MDT members.

Key themes:

Using the MDT process as a platform for exploration we will explore the key themes of:
  • Risk factors associated in liver cancer.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Treatment options (including surgery and clinical trials).
  • Practical guide to frequent issues faced by this patient group.
  • Supportive and palliative care.

Targeted Audience:

Open to all healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of patients diagnosed with liver cancer including junior doctors, general practitioners, allied healthcare professionals and nurses.

Course Fee:


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