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Date    : 9th October 2014

Venue : Education Centre (Dept 17), The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide a common forum highlighting the surgical aspects of melanoma treatment.
  • To highlight the multidisciplinary aspect of melanoma surgery.
  • To highlight research themes around malignant melanoma related to prominent clinical and molecular biology.

Key theme:

The multidisciplinary approach to Melanoma Surgery.

Learning ouctomes:
  • To gain an appreciation for a wide range of treatment options available for melanoma.
  • To understand the surgical procedures used in the treatment of melanoma.
  • To understand when oncological support is needed in the management of melanoma.
  • To gain an appreciation of the various oncological options available for the treatment of melanoma.
  • To gain insight on the molecular and cellular research around melanoma and the ways these may change the treatment of this condition in the future.
  • To highlight new surgical techniques being employed to treat melanoma.

Topics include:
  • Superficial vs subfascial groin dissection.
  • The Christie experience with ileoinguinal dissections (open vs laparoscopic).
  • Microsurgical reconstruction in melanoma surgery.
  • Local flap reconstruction in melanoma surgery treatments.
  • A new prognostic factor in the management of MM.
  • The oncological management of melanoma.
  • Advances in molecular therapy in the treatment of melanoma.
  • TILS treatment of metastatic melanoma.
  • Diagnosis of melanoma / dermatoscopy.
  • The role of radiotherapy in the management of melanoma.
  • The role of ECT in treatment of metastatic disease.
  • The role of lasers in metastatic MM.


Delegate fee: £75.00

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