2nd June 2016

Education Centre, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

Aims & Objectives:

  • To provide a common forum highlighting the surgical aspects of melanoma treatment
  • To highlight the new developments in melanoma surgery
  • To highlight the multidisciplinary aspect of melanoma surgery
  • To highlight some research themes (molecular biology and clinical) around malignant melanoma

Learning Outcomes:
  • Gain and appreciation for wide range of treatment options available for melanoma
  • Understand the surgical procedures used in the treatment of melanoma
  • Understand when oncological support is needed in the management of melanoma
  • Gain an apprecaition of the various oncological options available for the treatment of melanoma
  • Gain and appreciation of the multidisciplinary aspect of melanoma surgery
  • Gain insight on the molecular and cellular research around melanoma and the ways these may change the treatment of this condition in the future
  • Highlighting new surgical techniques being employed to treat melanoma


We are inviting abstracts for this meeting and succesful applicants will be invited to deliver a 10 minute presentation at the conference.

Please submit your 200 word abstract to by 6th May 2016

Targeted Audience:

Surgeons (consultants & registrars), dermatologists, dermatological surgeons, oncologists, specialist skin care nurses, radiologists and pathologists

Course Fee:

£150 (for consultants)
£75 (for trainees &other healthcare professionals)
Early Birds: 35% discount if you book before 28th April 2016

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