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Date    : 20th October 2014

Venue : Education Centre (Dept 17), The Christie, Manchester, M20 4BX


This is the 4th out of a series of 6 nursing education days focusing on haematological malignancies. The day aims to educate nurses and other allied health professionals in Myeloma.

The morning session will cover diagnosis, management and treatment of the diseases. Key nursing care will be the focus in the afternoon.

Learning outcomes

This day will expand a nurses knowledge at the basic and intermediate level, with knowledge gained able to be applied to the clinical environment to improve care for haematology patients.

Topics to be covered:
  • Diagnosing.
  • Treatment options and clinical trials.
  • Transplantation in Myeloma.
  • Supportive care.
  • Infective complications.
  • Emotional impact of Myeloma.
  • Patient experience.

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Gordon Cook
Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Professor John Snowdon
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Dr Jim Cavet
The Christie

Other events in this series:

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (23 Feb 2015).
Stem Cell Transplantation (22 Jun 2015).

Target Audience:

Nurses and other allied health professionals looking after haematology patients.


Study Day Fee: £50.00
Students: £25.00

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