Essential Principles and Skills In Orthopaedic Surgery (EPSOS)

For Foundation Year 2 Doctors, Core Surgical Trainees and Early Speciality Trainees

9th October 2021

0845 – 1715 hours

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Cardiff, Doctors Academy Educational Centre, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff


This one-day practical course will allow trainees to develop competence and confidence to perform procedures commonly carried out in orthopaedic clinics, on orthopaedic wards, in the operating theatre and in the A&E department. The course, with a high-tutor-to-delegate ratio, will demonstrate the surgical principles of managing compartment syndrome, closed reduction of common fractures and dislocations, application of skeletal and skin tractions, pelvic fracture management and application of pelvic binder, spinal immobilisation, plastering and back slab techniques, joint aspiration and injections, management of open fractures and application of external fixator, and internal fixation including lag screws and dynamic compression plates (DCPs).

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, the trainee should be able to:
  • recognise and appreciate the seriousness of compartment syndrome and possess the technique to surgically release it.
  • understand the principles of immobilisation and fracture stabilisation.
  • perform closed reductions of common fractures and dislocations.
  • perform essential plastering techniques.
  • safely perform joint aspirations and injections.
  • safely apply skin and skeletal traction.
  • understand the key principles in the management of open fractures.
  • effectively apply an external fixator and a pelvic binder.
  • carry out internal fixation using lag screws and dynamic compression plates.

Aimed at:

  • Foundation Year 2 Doctors interested in orthopaedic surgery.
  • Core Surgical Trainees (CT1; CT2; CT3) with an interest in orthopaedic surgery.
  • Orthopaedic-Themed Core (CT1; CT2; CT3) or Speciality Surgical (ST1; ST2) Trainees.
  • Trust Grade and Staff Grade Doctors working in orthopaedic surgery.

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Date 9th October 2021
Time 0845 – 1715 hours
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College of Physicians and Surgeons of Cardiff, Doctors Academy Educational Centre, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff
Course Fee £195.00
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