A Focused Overview of Successfully Managing >40% TBSA Burns: An Overview for FRCS (Plast) Exam

29th March 2021

1900 - 2015 hours (UK time)

Online Teaching Via Zoom


Despite major advances in the last few decades in the therapeutic strategies (such as improved resuscitation, enhanced wound coverage, infection control, pharmacotherapeutics, and management of inhalation injuries) for the management of patients with large area burns, the consequences of a large area burn are severe and profound. Such a burn results in complex metabolic changes that can adversely affect every organ system. The management of a patient with a severe burn requires a multipronged, focused and structured approach which addresses the local burn wound, as well as the systemic, psychologic and social consequences of the injury. This talk, by Miss Elizabeth Chipp, Consultant Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon University Hospital Birmingham and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, will provide an overview of this topic and address the current advances and updates in its management, including emergency burn care, attenuating hypermetabolism and burn wound management.

Topics covered:

  • Resuscitation and Management of >40% Burns
  • Managing Inhalation Burns and Bronchoscopy
  • Relevant Biological Dressings and Tissue-Engineered Skin Substitutes
  • Surgical Principles for Treating Large Area Burns
  • Role of Inotropes and Antibiotics
  • Nutritional Support in Burns

Suitable for:

  • ST3 and above Trainees in Plastic Surgery
  • ST3 and above Trainees in General Surgery
  • Trainees preparing for FRCS (Plast) Exam
  • Post CCT Trainees in Plastic Surgery
  • Post CCT Trainees in Burn Surgery
  • TIG Interface Fellows in Major Trauma
  • Trainees in Military Medicine.


Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon, University Hospital Birmingham and Consultant Burns Surgeon, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
Training Programme Director and Chair, Plastic Surgery Training Committee, Health Education England West Midlands

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Date 29th March 2021
Time 1900 - 2015 hours (UK time)
Online Teaching Via Zoom
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