Interpretation of ABG and Indications for Non-Invasive Ventilation: For Medical Students and FY1 Doctors

17th November 2021

1800-1900 hours (UK time)

Online via Zoom


This two-part series aims to discuss a number of common respiratory emergencies and their management. It will examine their presentation and pathophysiology, as well as provide a discussion on how to treat them in an emergency clinical setting.

The second talk will focus on the interpretation of an arterial blood gas (ABG) and the indications for non-invasive ventilation (NIV), as well as the practical aspects of utilising each of them. ABGs are often poorly understood at a medical student and junior doctor level, and this talk will, therefore, aim to systematically discuss their interpretation to help demystify the ABG as a tool for understanding respiratory pathologies.

For details of the first talk in this two-part series, please CLICK HERE.

Suitable for:

  • Medical Students (clinical years)
  • Foundation Year 1 Doctors


Dr Kate Brackenborough
Specialist Registrar in Respiratory Medicine
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Kate Brackenborough is a Specialist Registrar in Respiratory Medicine. Her interests lie in health management and leadership, and she has completed a Darzi Fellowship that focused on improving recognition of the deteriorating patient.

Before she became a doctor,Dr Brackenborough worked as a biomedical scientist in microbiology and developed a keen interest in teaching, which she has enhanced over the last decade.

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Date 17th November 2021
Time 1800-1900 hours (UK time)
Online via Zoom
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This teaching event is part of the Structured International Medical Education Curriculum, supported by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Cardiff and The Doctors Academy Group.
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