Preparatory Course to Excel at Medical School Interviews
(Relevant for Entry into All Medical Schools in the UK)

Saturday 17th August 2019

Sir Martin Evans Building, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University


Medical school interviews are highly competitive and may be a daunting experience. Each year, nearly 10 times as many students apply to medical schools than the number of available places. Although the entry requirements for each medical school varies, as a general rule, a prospective applicant would be expected to have attained a minimum of 2 'A's and a 'A*-B' grade in a third 'A' level (or equivalent) subject, a good set of GCSEs (minimum of 8 subjects), relevant work experience, and demonstrates adequate extra-curricular and supra-curricular activities - all of which contribute to a strong personal statement and a successful offer. Once the applicant is selected based on the entry criteria, he or she will be expected to perform confidently and competently in a face-to-face interview. The topics that can be discussed in an interview will include the personal statement, a general understanding of medical topics, basics of medical research, understanding the NHS, ethics and ethical dilemmas, and acknowledging the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.

This one-day intensive course is designed to equip prospective applicants with an understanding and awareness of a variety of fundamental areas which are often broached in medical school interviews. It encourages attendees to excel at interview, providing a sound basis to be successful in the interviews for the most competitive medical schools and helping them to obtain a place in the medical school of their first choice.

The course will offer attendees the opportunity to interact with doctors of various levels (junior doctors, registrars and consultants) and to gain an appreciation of the opportunities and challenges of being a doctor. There will also be a session dedicated to interacting with current medical students from many medical schools and engaging in a discussion in a Q&A format. This knowledge can be taken into the interview, enabling applicants to show an awareness of the cardinal components required to become a doctor, including clinical knowledge, competence, decision making, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, compassion, confidentiality and ethics.

Attendees will receive a certificate which will outline the workshops and sessions covered during the day. This will prove valuable in medical school interviews and provide a constructive reference point.

Salient Highlights:

  • Review and Discussion on Personal Statement
  • Structure of the NHS and its Hierarchy
  • Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Compassion, Confidentiality and Ethics
  • Basic Clinical Knowledge and Competency
  • Overview of Medical and Procedural Skills
  • Practising Hand-Eye Coordination, Depth Perception and Dexterity

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, the attendee will have gained:
  • a sound understanding of the NHS Structure, importance of ethics and confidentiality, and the cardinal principles in doctor-patient relationship
  • an overview of common medical and procedural skills, and an understanding of important medical conditions
  • an appreciation of the importance of hand-eye coordination, depth perception and manual dexterity
  • the information required to structure a cogent, compelling and emphatic personal statement

Target Audience:

  • Post-GCSE, Current 'AS' or 'A' level (or equivalent) pupil
  • School/College pupils aged 16-18
  • Must have sat the GCSE (or equivalent) exam

Eligibility Criteria:

  • If the applicant has obtained the results of GCSE (or equivalent), the applicant should have attained 8 GCSEs, that includes a minimum of 6 GCSEs at 'A*9/8' grade and 2 GCSEs at 'A/B/7' grade.
  • The applicant is currently doing a minimum of 3 'A' level subjects that include Chemistry, one or more of Biology/Physics/Mathematics and/or one of any other language/art/humanity/psychology.
  • The applicant is planning to apply to enter medical school in 2020 or 2021.
  • If the applicant is in College now (at AS/lower sixth form level or equivalent level), the applicant should have been involved in a minimum of two of the following: Medical work placement either in hospital or GP surgery, old-age home, nursing home, palliative care home, children with special needs, charity shop/events or overseas work.
  • The applicant should be at least 16 years old on the day of the course.
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Fully Subscribed.
Date Saturday 17th August 2019
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Sir Martin Evans Building, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University
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