Understanding Tumour Biology to Treat GI Cancers: An Overview for FRCS (General Surgery)

11th March 2021 (1930-2030 hours GMT)

Online Teaching Via Zoom


GI cancers are common and, depending on the grade and stage, lead to considerable degree of morbidity and mortality. In addition to surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy play vital roles in the treatment of certain advanced cancers. A sound understanding of the cancer/tumour biology is essential in understanding how the cancer behaves at a molecular level and how chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation therapy disrupt the aggressive progression of cancers. Likewise, a clear understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of the immune system will help in ascertaining the role of immunotherapy in selected patients. This talk by Dr Kai-Keen Shiu, a Consultant Medical Oncologist for the Gastrointestinal Oncology Services at the University College London Hospitals, will discuss the epidemiology, staging and tumour biology of GI cancers, as well as the mechanism of action of systemic therapy and radiotherapy. The talk is aimed at surgical trainees at a registrar level and,specifically, those preparing for the FRCS Exit Exam.


  • Epidemiology of GI cancers.
  • Diagnosis and staging of GI cancers (specifically CRC).
  • Cancer/Tumourbiology (cell kinetics, proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, genome maintenance mechanisms to prevent cancer, intercellular and intermolecular adhesion mechanisms and signalling pathways).
  • Tumour immunology (cellular and humoral components of the immune system, regulatory mechanisms of the immune system, tumour antigenicity, immune-mediated antitumour cytotoxicity, effects of cytokines, and effects of tumours on antitumour immune mechanisms).
  • Mechanisms of action of systemic therapy and radiotherapy.

Suitable for:

  • ST3 and above trainees in General Surgery.
  • ST3 and above trainees in UGI Surgery.
  • Trainees preparing for the FRCS(General Surgery) exam.
  • Post CCT trainees in General Surgery.
  • Post CCT trainees in Colorectal Surgery.
  • Post CCT trainees in UGI Surgery.


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Date 11th March 2021 (1930-2030 hours GMT)
Time 1930-2030 hours (GMT)
Online Teaching Via Zoom
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