In line with the Academy’s mission to promote exchange of medical knowledge and skills globally, we actively encourage and support medical/dental students and doctors to gain International experience during various stages of their student life and professional career. We believe that exposure to medical practice in a variety of healthcare settings will provide the individual to enrich his/her clinical acumen and skills, expand his/her clinical armamentarium, and provide a broad understanding of the clinical problems in different global and cultural settings. In addition, it might pave the way to explore a new way of life, meet with people from different backgrounds, and ultimately make sound and rewarding career choices as well as a satisfying personal life.

Although the benefits of International experience and exchange programmes for students and doctors have been well-recognised, there is a lack of established support structure and network to facilitate this process globally. Currently, many training systems do not have sufficient scope and flexibility for doctors to gain International experience. Factors such as poor infrastructure, non-standardised training, lack of rewarding opportunities and insufficient flexibility in the career structure in their own countries prevent doctors from resource-rich nations undertaking clinical commitments in resource-poor nations. Likewise, the weaker economy of resource-poor nations (and consequently the disparities in the currency-exchange market), lack of recognition of their earlier training, lack of mentoring and lack of support by the system (e.g., unsupportive visa regulations) prevent doctors from resource-poor nations to undertake clinical work in the hospitals of resource-rich nations. These obstacles thus forbid the free flow of medical knowledge, skills and ideas between nations. Doctors Academy is committed to address this issue and to help develop a universal medical knowledge base and skills for the betterment of the human race. Recognising that this can only be achieved by the co-operation and the collaboration of doctors, hospitals, universities and governments globally, Doctors Academy is currently embarking on a multi-faceted programme to facilitate this process.

Doctors Academy promotes International Exchange Programmes by
  1. Encouraging the development of International Clinical and Research placements for medical students and doctors
  2. Promoting flexibility of postgraduate training to incorporate recognized training opportunities abroad
  3. Providing a searchable database of International job vacancies
  4. Developing an International career mentorship scheme
  5. Facilitate an International discussion forum
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