This fellowship is specifically aimed at female students from difficult backgrounds in resource poor nations with the aim of providing them with an opportunity to pursue higher education. It is envisaged that a University degree or diploma would empower such students to lead independent lives, which would also redress the gross gender inequity existing in such societies. The candidate may wish to pursue the University degree or diploma in their own country or abroad (UK, US, Australia and Canada) if the particular course of their choice is not available in their home country. If you are one such student (or can recommend such candidate[s]) and wish to apply for this one-year fellowship programme, then please send us the following details:

  1. Evidence of previous academic training including details of schooling
  2. Details of the course you wish to pursue and information regarding the college/institution (including whether the college/institution is affiliated to a recognised university)
  3. Letter from college/University stating your enrolment in the course
  4. Details of tuition fees and other mandatory fees (such as bench fees and registration fees)
  5. A letter stating your aims, career plans and why you need financial support (not more than 500 words)
  6. A letter of support from either: The head of the local council or government (e.g., Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly) or Religious leader of the community (e.g., Minister of Church) or Academic head (e.g., Principal of College or Dean of University) stating your genuine need for financial support
  7. Two references (one has to be your current educational supervisor or employer).

Support in home country:

The cost of this one-year fellowship will cover the candidate’s tuition fees and other pertinent mandatory fees, and 50% of accommodation and sustenance. Candidates who demonstrate satisfactory progress will be strong contenders for subsequent yearly fellowships for the duration of the course. Such candidates will be provided 100% cost of accommodation and sustenance, in addition to the tuition and other mandatory fees. In special circumstances, doctors academy may provide a direct three-year fellowship for exceptional candidates and will undertake 100% of all cost for the duration of their University education. doctors academy will pay all costs, except sustenance and accommodation, directly to the college or University. Please note that this fellowship cannot be used for capitation fees or any form of ‘donation’ towards the college or university to secure the course. Preference will be given to students from/in rural areas, in state/government colleges or in colleges which are non-profit/charity oriented, and as such, students from colleges/institutions which are privately run and are profit-based will be supported only in exceptional circumstances.

Support to study abroad (UK, US, Australia and Canada):

The cost of this one-year fellowship will cover the candidate’s tuition fees and other pertinent mandatory fees. Accommodation and sustenance will not be provided. Candidates wishing to study abroad, in addition to the above documents, should also provide a letter stating why he/she wishes to study abroad and not in their home country. If the course is more than one-year, the candidate should also state how he/she intends to fund the reminder of the term.

Our rights:

Doctors academy may decide not to provide any fellowship in a particular year if no candidate is deemed suitable or fit the essential requirements for the provision of this award, and, as such, doctors academy reserves the absolute right to make any final decision. Candidates wishing to study abroad should note that doctors academy will not be involved in undertaking the immigration or visa arrangements, and will not be socially, morally or legally responsible for the activity of the student once they are in the foreign country. If you are a member of the public (any country) or an organisation who wish to support a child’s education in a short-term or a long-term basis, then please contact us at