Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course

29th and 30th June 2024

Doctors Academy International Education and Training Centre (Cardiff), Frazer Building, 126 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5LE


The ethos of this Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course (BSSC) is to install core surgical skills at the very start of a surgeon's training by teaching the correct basic technique.

Junior Trainees pursuing a career in surgery are expected to be able to perform a range of basic surgical skills prior to commencing specialty surgical training. These skills are not specifically covered during their foundation or core training placements.

The unique feature of this Basic Surgical Skills Course is that all skills are taught using live real-time demonstration. Every skill is demonstrated on animal tissue or simulated models in a step-by-step manner, and the delegates are taken through each step in a structured way. Live demonstration enables the delegates to appreciate the practical considerations and logistical challenges that one encounters whilst operating, and they learn to focus on the intricate details of procedures rather than only the end result. There will be no pre-recorded edited videos shown during the course.


This was a very informative and highly educational for me. As a young doctor who’s aspiring to be a surgeon, I have definitely learned many key techniques on how to be a safe and effective surgeon. The staff at Cardiff were incredibly talented and patient.

Great tutor:trainee ratio. All provided lots of feedback and were approachable. The faculty were what made the course so brilliant!

I cannot thank the faculty enough for their patience. They are the best tutors I have come across so far in my career.

Excellent course and faculty.

Engaging, interactive, hands-on, friendly and helpful faculty members.

Great teaching and very informative.

Great tutors, good resources, sessions ran to time, catering was good.

I really enjoyed the exercises for laparoscopic skills. Bowel anastomosis and haemostasis were also useful and covered both assisting and performing the surgical tasks. Very pleased with the teaching. Well-structured and practical course.

Very practical and interactive with good support.

Very much enjoyed the course. Kept moving well and covered a lot of ground. I feel my confidence has really improved as a result.

Aims & Objectives

The Basic Surgical Skills course has been running since 1994, with the involvement of all four UK and Ireland Colleges of Surgeons, and is designed to teach the essential basic technical skills required of a surgeon, instilling good practice at the early stages of training.

Participants are introduced to the principles underpinning the various techniques with individual tuition and under the expert supervision of consultant surgeons. Participants are assessed throughout the course and issues with a certificate upon successful completion.

Learning Style

The course is held over two days with a series of demonstrations and extensive hands on sessions. Techniques are practiced using a combination of prepared animal tissue, synthetic models and simulation.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an appropriate procedure for 'gowning' and 'gloving' in accordance with recommended standards of practice
  • Tie a variety of reliable knots, including, surgical reef knots and the Aberdeen knot and tying at depth.
  • Describe correct handling and use of surgical instruments.
  • Suture a variety of tissues, including skin, bowel, vascular tissue and tendons effectively.
  • Perform abscess drainage and contaminated wound debridement in accordance with the basic principles of wound management.
  • Demonstrate safe fine tissue handling utilising small bowel, vascular and tendon models for basic anastomoses technique.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic diathermic technique.
  • Demonstrate effective management of ergonomic issues commonly encountered in endoscopic surgery.

Target Audience

FY1, FY2, ST1/CT1, ST2/CT2, and SCPs.

Quick Information
Places are currently limited for 29th and 30th June 2024

There is only one place remaining for this course. We have hence closed the online registration system for this date. If you wish to take the last place, please email us at and we will suggest the way to complete registration, provided the place is still available.

Places are currently available for 19th and 20th October 2024.
Dates 29th and 30th June 2024
19th and 20th October 2024
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Doctors Academy International Education and Training Centre (Cardiff), Frazer Building, 126 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5LE
Course Fee £585.00
Closing Date Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and therefore we are unable to provide a precise closing date.
No of Places 20
Dress code Professional/Semi-formal
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