Current Updates and Advances in the Diagnosis and Surgical Management of Oesophageal Cancers: An Overview for FRCS (Gen Surg)

25th March 2021

1900 - 2015 hours (UK time)

Online Teaching Via Zoom


The incidence of oesophageal cancers, affecting half a million people annually worldwide, is rising rapidly. It is the sixth leading cause of cancer-related mortality. Although the overall five-year survival has increased from 4% in the 1970s to about 15 to 20% currently, oesophageal cancer remains a great challenge to treat as the clinical presentation is often late and diagnosis is made at advanced stages. The two key histological types -adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma - differ significantly in their fundamental patterns of incidence and aetiological factors. The management requires an MDT approach, an assessment of the patient's fitness (for surgery or chemotherapy), and surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, a combination of the three or palliation in cases of metastasis, disseminated disease or recurrence. Locally advanced disease without signs of distant metastases is treated with an intention to cure. This talk, by Mr Christopher Peters, Consultant UGI Surgeon with specialist interest in oesophageal and gastric surgery at the Imperial College NHS Trust, will provide an overview of this topic and address the current advances and updates in the management of oesophageal cancers.


  • Aetiological factors and pathophysiology.
  • Role of MDT and preparing the patient for surgery.
  • Current advances in the diagnosis of oesophageal cancers.
  • Latest evidence for the optimal surgical technique (laparoscopic vs. open vs. robotic).
  • Survivorship after surgery: what do we do to our patients?

Suitable for:

  • ST3 and above trainees in General Surgery
  • ST3 and above trainees in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Trainees preparing for FRCS(Gen Surg) exam
  • Trainees preparing for FRCS(CTh) exam
  • Post CCT trainees in General Surgery
  • Post CCT trainees in Upper GI Surgery
  • Post CCT trainees in Thoracic Surgery


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Date 25th March 2021
Time 1900 - 2015 hours (UK time)
Online Teaching Via Zoom
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